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As we fight for feminism, there’s a thing we should remember
Regardless of your age, your race, sexuality or gender
A thing that is important, that we should keep in our mind
To our allies, to each other, when we can, we should be kind.

It’s hard to not feel angry, feel our chests fill up with rage
But when you want to write those feelings down, unleash them on a page
Choose your words wisely, don’t be hurtful to each other
We’re a team, let’s stick together, and not turn on one another.

Too often do we see a nasty fight begin online
Between those who until that point thought they’re on the same side
There’s name-calling and finger-pointing, accusations thrown
Why have you decided to attack one of your own?

Sometimes we do not all agree and our opinions differ
But if we stick together, we might win this fight much quicker
If someone makes a mistake, then encourage them to learn
Don’t treat them badly, even if their values cause concern.

We’ve all grown up in different places, our lives are not the same
Our backgrounds vary and the experiences from which our values came
So bear that in mind the next time that you find something wrong
Don’t crumble from the outrage; stay determined and stay strong.

Let’s educate each other, not attack and scorn and moan
We should bring ourselves together, not cast others out, alone
We must reach out, educate and share our stories with the world
Listen to the oldest women and the youngest, school-age girls.

In the war against the patriarchy, there’s just one way we can win
Turn your heads towards the sky, fill your lungs and smile and sing
We have got to stick together, help each other find our way
Make a difference to all women, gain equality one day.

Call out misogyny, sexism, harassment and assault
Be resilient and hopeful and tenacious to a fault
Support your family and your friends, your sisters not by blood
Keep going, even if it’s hard, keep wading through the mud.

It isn’t easy, it can be draining, we all know that’s true
But remember that it’s worth the fight: for them, for us, for you
Be proud to be a feminist that’s up against the world
And do your best for those identifying as a woman or a girl.

Picture courtesy of Sally T. Buck

Kathryn is a 27 year old who was born in Scotland, grew up in the south of England and – just to be confusing – now lives in Scotland again. She works in marketing for a consultancy specialising in low carbon energy but still dreams of one day being a rock star (it’s not gonna happen). An English Literature graduate, she writes whenever possible and is aiming to read 50 books in 2018. Big fan of feminism, furry animals, wine and walks along the coast. Find her on Instagram talking about mental health at @positivethoughtspositivechange.

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