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YWCA Scotland works primarily for and with girls and young women aged 9 to 30 in Scotland, particularly where they face social, economic or educational exclusion.  We also engage in activities that have a positive impact on young women and girls.

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Commonwealth Women 2014

The Queen's Baton Relay returned to Scotland on Saturday after an incredible 190,000km journey across 69 Commonwealth nations. Meet some of the inspiring young women carrying the baton over the next few weeks!

Doping Chaperone Jenni: Let's focus on sporting opportunities for girls, not barriers

Meet our sportiest Board Member Jenni, who will be working alongside athletes at the 2014 Games.

Batonbearer Zainab: Sport is for everyone!

Meet 17-year-old Batonbearer Zainab Hayat, who is excited to be part of the 2014 Games and has a special message for girls in Scotland.

Satelitte Village Volunteer Ailsa: Dive into a new sport

Meet 23-year-old Ailsa Tweedie, who will be helping the diving athletes feel at home during the 2014 Games.



2014 marks a new chapter for YWCA Scotland. We have now finalised an exciting five year development plan, recruited a new leadership team and can't wait to get started. Be the first to hear what we're up to by following @YWCA_Scotland.

YWCA Scotland volunteer Kara travels to YWCA Korea

YWCA Scotland volunteer Kara reports back from her meeting with YWCA Korea and the National General Secretary of YWCA India on a recent trip to South Korea.

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