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Isla Nelson, 4, Glasgow

We just love love love Isla’s “News at 3” (her then-age) – a brutally honest and hysterically funny series she has with her dad and stand-up comedian, Mark Nelson, on BBC Scotland’s Short Stuff. And we’re not alone in this, as their take on everything from our obsession with celebrities to elections and Valentine’s Day has a cult following with over 100 million views.

Oh, and she’s also won Best Actress award at the Scottish Comedy Awards this year, not bad for 4, eh?

Her dad writes loose scripts for all the episodes, but it’s Isla’s improvised rants about current affairs that have everyone in stitches.

Some of her best lines include:

[On celebrity culture] All people do it to stare at phones all day. Making everyone stupid.

[On Theresa May]: Strong and stable, strong and stable, that’s all she says. It’s a government, Dad, not IKEA furniture.

[On Michael Gove]: I count better than him, and I’m only 2.

[On Donald Trump]:He’s got stupid hair. He looks like a dead fox.

[On Easter]: Are Easter bunny and Jesus best pals?

[On Bonfire Night] Don’t play with fire kids, but here hold this sparkler.

But don’t take our word for it, and watch some of her videos –  it’s the best way to cheer up from all the gloomy news we are bombarded with:

Isla reminds us that age and size doesn’t matter when it comes to making a big difference, and we are proud to have this wee comedic genius on this list!

You can keep up with Isla by following her dad on Twitter @marknelsoncomic

Pictures by courtesy of Mark Nelson

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