Caitlin Logan

Position: volunteer blog editor

Experience: At university I studied English and Politics, followed by a Masters in Equality and Human Rights. “When I grow up” I want to be a journalist, and I’m working on it—so watch this space, I guess. Despite being someone who has read, written and rambled at anyone who’d listen about feminism for years, I’ve known I could do far more to actively contribute to working towards gender equality. I’m excited about being blog editor for The Young Women’s Movement because it combines my love of writing and sharing stories with people, on the one hand, and my wish to raise awareness of feminist and overlapping equalities issues, on the other. I love the idea of helping shine a light on the diversity of experiences of women and girls in Scotland (and elsewhere), the amazing things which young women are doing, and the important work which still needs to be done. That’s true of my life in general, and of my hopes for what I can do in this role. My advice for other young women and girls would be to not worry what other people think about you, and never hold yourself back. Easier said than done, but it’s the message we’ve been giving boys since the dawn of time and it’s something you have the power to do for yourself. Sometimes believing in yourself is half the battle to actually getting there and, at the least, it might help you enjoy yourself a bit more along the way.


Twitter: @_caitlogan