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We want to hear what you have to say!

It’s a new year and we are kicking it off with energy and excitement as we hit the road! Over the next couple of months, YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement will be travelling across the country to inspire conversations about life for young women in Scotland, and we want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

We have spent the last two years sharpening our focus on gender issues, strengthening our commitment to making sure that the voices of young women in Scotland are heard loud and clear, and reshaping the ways that we support and enable other organisations, groups, and individuals working with young women. Our goal is to provide a dynamic framework for leadership development, but most importantly, to create safe spaces throughout Scotland where women’s voices can be heard, respected, and celebrated.

But there are millions of women in Scotland, each with their own experience and their own voice, and we discovered that at the moment it’s not easy to build a picture of their lives. So we took action.

Who Cares ScotlandWe decided to undertake our own research into what life is like for young women in Scotland today, and last year we spoke to over 60 women throughout the country about their experiences, their opinions, their concerns, and their hopes. We gathered these incredible, diverse voices together and in October 2015 we published the first ever Status of Young Women in Scotland report.

The report, and everything that went into it, has been an inspiration, and we certainly won’t be letting it end here. We will be updating the report each year, and we want to see it grow bigger and better every time! That’s why we are now on the road with a series of presentation-consultation events. We’ll be visiting Tayside and the Highlands in February, and hosting a session at The Gathering in Glasgow. In March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day in Grampian before heading down to Central Scotland the following week.

We’d love to share the findings of our research into the status of young women in Scotland with you, and we especially want to hear your questions and ideas for what we can do to strengthen gender equality over the next twenty years.

Join the conversation in your area! Register now to secure your place:

Three young women sitting in a group, talkingTayside


Glasgow (The Gathering)

Grampian (coming soon)

Central Scotland

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