Gen Up is designed to encourage young women of school leaving age to think about STEM as a potential career choice. It is a hands on experience that helps young women to have a better understanding of what STEM careers entail and to make reflective, reasoned decisions about their future career choices.

The aim of Gen Up is:

  • To provide inquiry led workshops that ask critical questions about experiences, career
    opportunities and choices
  • The development of self-esteem, confidence and self-advocacy skills
  • To provide an opportunity to hear from women in STEM and engage in speed mentoring
  • To provide hands-on activities bringing together students, educators and industry

The programme includes the following key themes:

  • Introduction to STEM and Modern Apprenticeships
  • Building self esteem
  • Exploring gender
  • Role Models and Action Planning

Gen Up can help schools to achieve gender targets for female students studying STEM subjects and choosing STEM courses and apprenticeships post-secondary education.