Empowering Pathways for Women programme helps strengthen women’s choices and participation in all aspects of their lives.

We developed this programme in response to the needs of women who are overcoming complex issues and experiencing multiple obstacles to the building and re-building of their lives. The aim of the programme is to provide safety, support and encouragement for women to strengthen their sense of belonging and worth, and choose positive pathways towards participation in all aspects of their lives.

The aim of Empowering Pathways is:

  • To provide a feminist framework to understand experiences and overcome barriers
  • To provide a space for reflection and the sharing of personal journeys
  • To increased participation in the local community, democracy and citizenship
  • To provide a safe space to build relationships, friendships and a sense of belonging

The programme includes the following key themes:

  • Empowering women
  • Leadership and self esteem
  • Creative Lifebooks and setting goals
  • Democracy and Parliamentary systems

For more information on this programme please contact Heidi.

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