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Kimberly Benson aka Viper/Piper Niven, 26, Ayrshire

Okay we have to admit 30 under 30 doesn’t get any more badass that Kimberly Benson, aka Viper/Piper – Scotland’s best female wrestler.

Viper is an incredible sportswoman, and she made wrestling history more than once. She was the first non-Japanese woman to ever main event a wrestling show in the esteemed Korakuen Hall. Oh and her nickname in Japan is “Mega Tonne Barbie” (okay we give up, it’s all just really too badass!)

She was also part of the first ever all female match in ITV’s World of Sport Wrestling Show. She holds numerous championship titles including Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females (badass!). Whoever faces Viper in the ring, male or female, better makes sure that they are on the best game, because she certainly is capable of mopping the floor with all comers!

Viper has a cult global following as a pioneer of women’s wrestling and icon for body positivity. Could we admire her more? We don’t think so!

We couldn’t sum it up better than she did in her interview with The Herald:

Being a female wrestler, I’m in the minority in my sport but I really don’t notice gender at all and because I don’t see it, I feel like no differences exist. These days, there are so many opportunities for girls and me being a wrestler proves that girls can do any sport they like, even if it’s traditionally a male-dominated sport.

One word…BADASS!!


What’s your proudest achievement?

I’ve had a lot of achievements I’m really proud of in my career such as title wins and history making matches but I think what makes me feel proudest is knowing I’m part of the generation that helped bring women’s wrestling to the forefront of our scene.

What women inspire you?

As cheesy as it may sound, the women that inspired me are the women in my family, from raising families to businesses they’ve shown me that I can get what I want out of life if I’m willing to work hard and have always encouraged me to go after my goals.

What would your message be for young girls and women in Scotland?

My message to young women and girls would be to tell them to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams, it breaks my heart to think how many kids are afraid of following their passions because they’re too worried of what other people might think of them, the only person’s opinion that matters is your own, do what makes you happy.

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Pictures by courtesy of Viper and Rob Brazier

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