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On Thursday last week, we officially launched our Status of Young Women in Scotland report. Composed of the voices of young women from across Scotland, the report presents a snapshot of the issues facing Scotland’s young women today and shares their thoughts and experiences. As soon as we uploaded the report to our site we were overwhelmed with the most incredible response – every comment, every tweet, every share was positive! So many people pointed out how important this kind of report is, not just for women’s organisations or politicians, but for everyone.

The Status of Young Women in Scotland report is unique in its focus on Scotland’s young women, and in its focus on the voices of young women themselves, but of course there are many powerful reports about gender in the UK. Have you read the status report and gotten hooked? Do you want to learn more about how gender impacts women’s experiences in the UK? We’ve got you covered – check out some of these other important sources:

Girls’ Attitudes Survey

Each year, Girlguiding UK speak to girls and young women from across the UK, and their responses go into making the Girls’ Attitudes Survey. The survey gives insight into the pressures faced by young women and girls in the UK. The 2015 Girls’ Attitudes Survey was just released last month, and is definitely worth reading as a follow up to SYWS!

To show the impact that the Status of Young Women in Scotland report had on Twitter alone, we put together a Storify. Have a look, and don’t forget to read the report if you haven’t already!

Close the Gap

Close the Gap is a Scottish project that works to raise awareness of the gender pay gap in Scotland and to reduce the gap itself. Using statistics from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, they have put together information about the pay gap specific to Scotland, and used it to publish working papers about the gender pay gap.

Trans Mental Health Survey

In 2012, the Scottish Trans Alliance surveyed nearly 1000 people across the UK and Ireland to provide insight into the mental health needs and experiences of trans people, provided from the context of their daily life. Absolutely fascinating and relevant three years on.

How Fair is Britain?

In 2010, the Equal Human Rights Commission released the first ‘How Fair is Britain’ report. Warning: the report itself is massive, at 700 pages long! Fortunately, the EHRC have provided online summaries by topic, and an ‘easy to read’ pdf download version. The next report is due to be released at the end of 2015, so keep an eye out for it!

A Widening Gap: Women and Welfare Reform

Since 2010, £26 billion worth of cuts have been made to benefits, tax credits, pay and pensions. 85% of this has fallen on women’s incomes. Coinciding with the Welfare Reform Committee’s Inquiry on Women and Welfare Reform, Engender, Close the Gap, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Scottish Refugee Council and Scottish Women’s Aid published a report examining the impact of welfare reform on women in Scotland. Extremely important look at how women have been affected by austerity cuts.

ChildLine Annual Review

Each year, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children publishes a review of the calls made to its ChildLine service. Looking at who contacts the service, how, and what they talk about, the review shows the biggest issues facing children in the UK each year. Statistics are broken down by gender, which offers insight into how these issues impact young girls differently than boys.

Maximising Economic Opportunities for Women in Scotland

Scottish female employment is at an all-time high and Scotland compares well against other European countries and the UK in this regard. However, there are a number of structural barriers which constrain many women from realising their full economic potential. This report summarises evidence of the barriers women face in employment and education, as well as steps being taken in Scotland to counter these barriers.

These are just a few – of course there are so many more! – but we hope that these resources will be interesting and useful for those who want to find out more after reading the Status of Young Women report. In case you’re not convinced of how important a report like SYWS is, check out our Storify of the response we received to our launch just over the weekend!

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Read our SYWS launch Storify here!

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