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22 year-old entrepreneur Rebecca Pick is living proof that you just never know what experiences in your life are going to be the most important.

When she was studying Marketing and Enterprise at the University of Strathclyde, Rebecca’s family were living in the highlands, where her father was general manager at a security company. Purely out of an interest to combine work experience with a visit home, Rebecca did an internship at the security company.

It probably didn’t seem like a career-defining move at the time, but it definitely was.

‘I was living in the South side of Glasgow later on, and a neighbour came and told me that a girl from my complex had been attacked. She had been dragged into the bin shed, and apparently she could hear people walking by, but no one stepped in to help.’

Rebecca Pick holds up the Pick Protector device, a small rectangular grey device with rounded corners.Determined to do something to make women feel safer, Rebecca combined her marketing and enterprise studies – she was still a student! – with her knowledge of the security industry. ‘I knew about the processes for monitoring a building,’ she says. ‘I thought there must be a way of turning this so that it can be used to keep students, to keep women safe.

That was in early 2014: in March of that year, Pick Protection was incorporated. Keep in mind that Rebecca was still a student!

Fortunately, she was a marketing and enterprise student, and at Strathclyde, too, which meant that she had access to the Enterprise Hub and the support of the programme. Through the Enterprise Hub, Rebecca made connections and found mentors, eventually landing enough funding to get a designer to put together a prototype.

That gave her something to take to  investors, and things started snowballing from there. She’s faced the challenges of trying to keep the spirit of giving women and students security alive as more corporate investers take interest, but she sees it as a balancing act.

A Pick Protector shown attached to a bra strap

The Personal Guardian is sneaky wee device that can attach to a bra strap, belt, loop, or lanyard and just a few seconds with a free hand will let the wearer trigger the alarm. That connects you to a 24 hour security monitoring service who will determine if it’s an emergency, and send police to your location if it is. It also records everything, so you have some solid evidence if you need it.

Rebecca is amazed and thrilled that the Personal Guardian has gotten such a positive response, but she’s most proud to say that it’s a thoroughly Scottish product.

‘Glasgow has been the best place to start a business. The slogan “people make Glasgow”, I really think that’s true. I want Pick Protection Inc. to stay based in Scotland, and I’m really proud that the alarm itself – the different parts – are all manufactured in Scotland.’

Absolutely brilliant!

Definitely get yourself to the Pick Protection website now! The Pick Protector hasn’t hit the market yet, but Rebecca says very, very soon, and you can pre-order one today. We can’t wait! You can also keep up with Rebecca and Pick Production on Twitter at @PickProtection!

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