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Megan Scott on a Callander Youth Project outing

The town of Callander isn’t particularly big; it has a population of maybe 3,500 people and is known for being ‘the gateway to the highlands’ and the home of Helen Duncan, the second-last person to be tried as a witch in the UK (which is actually a pretty cool claim to fame, tbh).

The Callander Youth Project group playing inflatable bubble football.It’s also known for something else, something that might seem a bit out of place in a small town: the award-winning Callander Youth Project Trust, an organisation that aims to improve the lives of young people in and around Callander through access to the best possible recreation and educational facilities, support and resources.

That’s their mission statement, and it might not look much different than any other youth project mission statement, but how many of them have their own cafe? Or their own five-star hostel, complete with an events venue? We don’t know for sure, but probably none.

The Callander Youth Project gets a lot of buzz in the voluntary and charitable sector, so when they start singing the praises of a particular member of staff, you listen. And that member of staff is 25 year old Megan Scott.

Megan Scott holding her youth worker of the year award Megan has been with the CYP for quite a while: first as a volunteer, then she started working as a sessional worker in 2011, then a part-time outreach worker, before finally landing a full-time position as a community youth support worker in 2013.

Since starting with Callander Youth Project, Megan has also gotten her Management SVQ and her Assessors Award; at the CYP, Megan runs the Community Youth Work programme, and based on a peek at their Facebook page, she’s nailing it! There’s an outdoor adventure course, a cookery course, and a summer holiday programme.

They get so much out of [the outdoor adventure course] without even realising… as do the staff! I mean you can’t expect a young person of aged 10 to jump off a cliff into water without them making their youth worker do it first, can you?

Just in case the pictures didn’t persuade you (although they really should), Megan was also announced the 2016 YouthLink Full-Time Youth Worker of the Year only a few months ago.

Her nomination is full of statements from young people whose lives she has transformed, but Megan says they’re the ones that inspire her:


I have been able to be a support hundreds of individuals in different ways and have been able to see them travel their own life journeys – seeing young people from start to finish through difficult times makes me so proud of what they realise they can achieve! Recently I bumped into a young person in Edinburgh who I had not seen since he moved away 4 years ago; he stopped me in the street and was describing his life now and I was overwhelmed at how he had transformed his life – he then said ‘Megan I couldn’t have done it without you guys at CYP and thank you for believing in me.’ It is moments and young people like this that inspire me to continue what I am doing.

As long as you don’t forget that you’re amazing, too, Megan!

Visit the Callander Youth Project website to find out more and learn how you can help, and catch up with them on Facebook!

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