Three questions with writer in residence Nadine Aisha Jassat

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6oQXiG2j (1)What are you most excited about and looking forward to this #FeministFest?

There are so many things to pick from, but I think what stands out for me most is being able to work with the #FeministFest bloggers to hear what they’re passionate about, their thoughts and opinions about the shows they see and review, the things they have to say. I want to help make space for other women to grow and develop their voices, especially those who haven’t been given the space and support to previously, and so I’m looking forward to delivering my creative writing workshops as part of #FeministFest to help try and do just that!

Why did you want to be part of #FeministFest?

I think what excites me most about #FeministFest is that it brings together two of the things I’m most passionate about: creativity and the arts alongside feminism and social justice. I’m a creative writer but I’m also a practitioner working in gender-based violence, so when I saw the opportunity of a residency that brought feminism and the creative arts together I jumped at it! And I’m so glad that I did, and that The Young Women’s Movement have provided an opportunity and space to bring women in this way. It’s truly an honour to be chosen as the writer in residence for #FeministFest, and I’m looking forward to what the summer holds.


What themes and conversations do you want to explore with the Bloggers this summer?

There are so many things in this world which try and silence women, or which ignore or deny us when we speak. For me, in my own journey, I’ve found that the thing which brings me the most joy and the most power is when I do speak, when – through writing, speaking, or talking to others – I grow my voice and then use it to try and make a difference and bring about the changes I need to see in the world. And I say need – because I don’t believe living in a world without things such as racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism should be a wish, it is not a wish it is a human right. What I see in #FeministFest 2016 is an opportunity for women to come together and – through discussions and reviews of the shows we see and through participation in the workshops – share in that process of growing and realising our own thoughts and views and power, as well as engaging with those of other women. I see an opportunity to create a space to hear and be heard, and then amplify that so we can go on speaking. I’ve been very influenced by Audre Lorde, and perhaps the speech of hers which has stayed with me the most is ‘the transformation of silence into language and action’. I’m hoping that through my residency with #FeministFest this year I can help pass the realisation of this transformation onto other women, as well as continue it myself.

This August: follow Nadine and the rest of the team’s #FeministFest journey at and on our social media channels: @youngwomenscot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

nadineNadine is the first ever writer in residence for The Young Women’s Movement. We are oh so excited to be working with her and the #FeministFest bloggers at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer. Tweet Nadine @nadineaishaj and check out her website 

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