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Today the Equalities and Human Rights Commission launches its new #PowertotheBump campaign in Scotland, and we’re pretty excited about it! The campaign is all about empowering young expectant mothers to know their rights at work, and holding employers accountable to putting their employee’s heath first – definitely something we can get behind.

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The campaign is the result of some not so positive findings that the EHRC uncovered when they looked at pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace. The report that they published earlier this year definitely calls for major changes, and (no surprise to us) it echoes exactly what young women in Scotland had to say about employment and pregnancy.

Last year we spoke to over 60 young women across Scotland about gender for our Status of Young Women in Scotland report. The entire innovative report reflected women’s voices on the issues that mattered to them most, and when it came to employment, they didn’t hold back!

Text: 'I’m in my late twenties and I’m married. I only recently got this job and was conscious in job interviews that employers might just see me as a ticking time-bomb, a pregnancy waiting to happen.'

Several spoke about ‘putting off’ pregnancy because it would hurt their careers and worried about facing discrimination because they had children or might have children someday.

The good news is that these women also had ideas for how to make things better! Over and over again they called for more education and conversation about gender inequality – more information and support, especially for young women and new graduates.

Text: 'Teach that gender equality and feminism is relevant and contemporary.'

It’s so fantastic that the research is backing up what women in Scotland have to say, and even better that the EHRC are trying to make workplaces safer and more welcoming for young mums.

#PowertotheBump is not just a hashtag: the EHRC have produced loads of wonderful resources for both employees AND employers, because even though it’s important that women know their rights, it’s up to employers to make change happen.

So please share the report and the EHRC toolkits. Join the conversation online by sharing your thoughts and experiences at #PowertotheBump on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Take a quiz, write a blog, share the video: there are so many ways to get involved.

Let’s give more #PowertotheBump for healthier and happier mums and babies!

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