I can’t wait for #FeministFest 2016

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When I started my role at The Young Women’s Movement, one of the things that most excited me was the opportunity to take part in #FeministFest. The ethos of the project – bringing together an intergenerational, diverse group of women to access Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe – is truly wonderful and something I immediately connected with. This year I will be coordinating #FeministFest – not only meeting the amazing bloggers, but bringing women together, going to shows and chatting about feminism… what’s not to love?

11823017_1059241564086341_5623727471133516920_o#FeministFest 2016 is bound to be an awesome experience. We are super excited to have Nadine Jassat as the #FeministFest writer in residence. Nadine is a young feminist writer who has been working as a creative practitioner in gender based violence for the past 5 years. Learn more about Nadine and what she will be up to with #FeministFest tomorrow, here on The Young Women’s Movement blog.

The theme of #FeministFest 2016 – what it means to be a woman at the Fringe – will shape some of our overarching conversations. The bloggers will talk about who is represented at the Fringe, whether there are safe spaces within it for women, and how accessible the Fringe is for women. Singer, actor and feminist Apphia Campbell – another fantastic woman joining the #FeministFest team – will work with us to take these conversations further by running an interview series with the bloggers. I am very pleased Apphia will add her voice to the intersectional group of women that make up #FeministFest.

To She or Not To She#FeministFest will be exhilarating, inspiring and positive, and I’m so happy I get to experience one of my first Fringe experience surrounded by awesome women. I can’t wait for it to kick off!

Please follow the bloggers’ stories, be sure to engage with us throughout August. You will find all things #FeministFest at feministfest.scot and on our social media channels: @youngwomenscot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Caroline Crawford 2Caroline is our fantastic enterprise and engagement officer. Caroline grew up in seven countries and is passionate about the social and economic empowerment of women. When she’s not busy networking and running #FeministFest she is spotlighting African creatives online and saving up to go on holiday to see her family in West Africa. Tweet her @CAr0_Crwfrd

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