#YWCAlive at The Gathering 2016

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Two smiling women stand holding up a black tote bag on which is written 'women are not here to decorate your world'. One woman is wearing an Oxfam t-shirt that reads 'I won't live with poverty'

You know how sometimes when you are really looking forward to something, it can’t live up to the expectation and you feel a bit disappointed afterwards? Well, The Gathering 2016 was NOT that. At all.

It was incredible! Two full days packed with exciting conversations and brainstorming innovative collaborations – there’s absolutely nothing like it. We’re still buzzing! And while, yes, some of that might be that we’re still on a mad sugar rush (it seemed like every stall had a different type of sweetie on offer), without a doubt most of it had to to with the inspiring people and organisations that we connected with on Wednesday and Thursday. We met new friends and chatted with old friends about new projects.

It was incredible to see the amazing work that Scotland’s third sector have been up to over the last year. Our voluntary organisations are, without question, second to none. There was so much passion and commitment in the room that we can’t imagine anyone left without feeling that they could accomplish anything.

We wanted to share that experience with everyone, so we put together a Storify of the amazing Tweets and photos that we collected throughout the event. Have a wee look and pencil the dates for next year’s Gathering into your calendar now: 22-23 February, 2017. We will see you then!

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