For those who are offended: A poem by Lindsay

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Does her anger offend you?

Does it result in a roll of the eyes from you?

A defensiveness from you?

A threat to your guarded reality?

To the way things have worked in your favour for so long.

To the fragile sense of self which society has moulded for you.

She is an inconvenient challenge for which you do not have the energy.


Because girls, women, you prefer them docile.

User-friendly, submissive, abiding, soft, pretty.

Smiling, uncomplicated, unquestioning, the convenient accessory.

Don’t you?

Admit it.

Warped femininity works nicely for you.

So nicely.

That’s the easy option.

Going by the rules, whoever wrote them.

After all, we all want an easy life.

Don’t we?



Because she cannot be silenced.

And anger like this cannot abate.

Though to you it is ugly, it is grotesque

For a girl, a woman

To be consumed like this by something you cannot know.

What right does she have?


She repels you with her voice, her opinions, her outspokenness.

Her desire to challenge you.

Her anger.

But for you I have a message:

Do not forget:

We have all been duped.

And the burden falls on a few

To be angry.

And to fight.


She shall fight.

Picture courtesy of Ian Aberle

Lindsay is a sexual violence campaigns and prevention worker with RASASH based in the Highlands, working with schools and coordinating young ambassadors with the Stand Up! Project (instagram: standuprasash). She enjoys writing on the topic of gender and GBV and likes putting on her trainers and going running to work off her frustrations with the patriarchy! You can find Lindsay at Instagram @linninglindsay or on Linkedin at Lindsay Linning.

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