30 Under 30: Flora Shedden

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Flora Shedden poses with an array of baked goods in the foreground, holding a slice of cake.

If you have looked at our Twitter or our Instagram for more than about five minutes, you’ll know that we are an office that loves a bit of cake. Birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays that we’ve pulled from hilarious television shows – we’ll find basically any excuse to break for a cuppa and a slice of cake.

Flora Shedden poses against a stone wall.

So we’ve basically decided that Flora Shedden should be our new best friend. We’re an organisation committed to young women in Scotland, she’s a young woman in Scotland. We love to eat cake, she makes some of the most drool-worthy cakes we’ve ever seen.

Match made in heaven!

If you don’t know who Flora is, then it’s likely that you’re suffering a serious television deficiency, and we prescribe a marathon Great British Bake Off clip-watching session, stat. The 20 year old from Dunkeld made it all the way to the semifinals last autumn on the country’s favourite show that makes you want to eat everything, all the time, forever.

‘I thought I’d be a total shambles but TV was a lovely experience. I think it’s a really nice way of speaking to people. And I’m a big bletherer — I’ll speak to anyone.’

Flora has been baking her whole life – she told TimeOut in an interview that ‘I have no memories of not baking – both my mum and granny are amazing bakers and cooks. It was always the done thing!’

Flora Shedden takes a selfie with a glass of whisky and a slice of Christmas cakeNew life goal: get an invite to the next Shedden family gathering.

Since her time on GBBO, Flora has put her studies on hold – she was due to start an Art History degree at the University of St Andrews around the time that Bake Off rather changed her life. She’s wrapping up a book of recipes, Gatherings, which is set for release in January.

All of the recipes are Flora’s, and looking at the pics on her blog we wonder if she’s taking the photos, too (skills for days, this woman). According to Huffington Post, the book could bring in about £150,000!

‘Making the decision was really tough. But this is an exciting time and these opportunities are only there now. They won’t come back in four years when I’ve finished my degree. It was difficult but I knew I didn’t want to do anything half-hearted. I didn’t want either my studies to slide or to produce a book I wasn’t happy with.’

Speaking as representatives of those who want to make and eat all of Flora’s recipes, we think she made a good choice.

And she’s been busy contributing to a bunch of Scottish events and organisations – she crafted a gorgeous creation for the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s 70th anniversary, did a fundraiser for Dunkeld’s Birnam Arts Centre, and will be appearing at Jimmy’s Harvest Festival in July.

All of the yum!

Flora Shedden in the kitchen, cracking eggs in a red apron.

You can keep up with Flora (and check out her amazing recipes and photography) on her website, or by following her on Twitter at @florashedden! She’s also on Instagram and a wee warning: yes, her pictures will make you want to eat until you explode.

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