Meet the #FeministFest Bloggers Shaking Up Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Meet the #FeministFest bloggers shaking things up at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This summer, the Young Women’s Movement has teamed up with Engender to create a new platform for women’s voices to be heard at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The talented #FeministFest blogging team is made up of over 30 women aged 15 – 66 years old from across Scotland. We’ve been watching and reviewing shows together for the first time, discussing all things feminist and interviewing inspirational women involved in the Fringe.

One highlight so far was our #FeministFest bloggers’ workshop on 2 August – a fun day getting to grips with the project, watching a sneak preview of #FeministFest Top 20 show To She Or Not To She and learning reviewing tips from Yasmin Sulaiman, Editor of The List magazine.

To She or Not To She  To She or Not To She 2
Other unforgettable moments include interviewing the inspiring cast and team behind Trans Scripts – a show that tells the stories of six transgender women – and crying and laughing at Black Is the Color of My Voice – a one woman play about Nina Simone, violence against women, racism and the civil rights movement.

Meet the #FeministFest bloggers and read their reviews over at

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