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Estelle Maskame against a green floral background

Oh those teens nowadays. It’s all selfies and house music and Gossip Girl and that; they’re so lazy, they have no respect for hard work, blah, blah, blah –

NO. Stop. Wrong.

Estelle Maskame posing in blue and white striped dress.If you need proof, look no further than 19 year-old Estelle Maskame of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. By the age of 17 – let’s pause on that for a moment: SEVENTEEN – Estelle had millions of fans reading her work on the file-sharing website Wattpad.

And Estelle wasn’t just writing some short stories. She wasn’t even just writing a novel. She was writing a trilogy. Anyone who has ever said that teens don’t work hard can put that in their pipe and smoke it. But it will take them a while, because it’s a trilogy.

Although she’d been writing from the age of 8 or 9, Estelle started taking it seriously when she was in high school. She started work on a novel, Did I Mention I Love You?, when she was only 13 and published completed chapters on Wattpad, promoting them on Twitter.

Thanks to the magic of the internet and because Estelle is a complete badass, they quickly went viral and nabbed her not just a publishing deal for DIMILY, but for two follow up novels, Did I Mention I Need You? and Did I Mention I Miss You?

BAM. Young Adult literary sensation just like that.

Estelle told The Herald Scotland that she finds her sudden fame ‘insane and… a bit surreal.’

‘I never thought I would get published at such a young age. I had dreams of getting published one day, so the fact it has happened is quite hard to get my head around. I feel lucky and grateful.’

Estelle Maskame seatedNot really interested in going off to university or college, her three-book deal with Edinburgh-based publisher Black & White has allowed Estelle to write full time (life goals), which she says she loves. It’s also snagged her a YoungScot award this year in the Arts category, a shortlisting for the Romantic Novelist Association Best Young Adult Novel, and a gig headlining YAY!YA – Scotland’s first teen festival.

The first two books in the DIMILY trilogy are already out, but you will have to wait until 21 July to get your hands on the final instalment, Did I Mention I Miss You? That gives you about a month to burn through books one and two before adding the third to your summer reading list!

Estelle told The Daily Record that she is already looking forward to her next book, even if it will be hard to leave DIMILY behind.

‘I’m just finishing the third book and have lots of ideas for my next, which will be a stand-alone novel. I’m going to be really sad at having to say goodbye to all my DIMILY characters as I have grown up with them.’

Maybe she won’t need to say goodbye quite yet: fans are begging for the books to be made into a movie, and Estelle herself says that she could picture Selena Gomez as the female lead.

YES PLEASE let’s make this happen!

Estelle Maskame holds up a copy of her book, Did I Mention I Love You

You can keep up with Estelle and get your hands on the DIMILY trilogy on her website, and you can follow her on Twitter at @EstelleMaskame!

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