Tomiwa Folorunso

Position: young women lead intern

Experience: I was born in Edinburgh to Nigerian parents! I’m 22 and I have just finished studying history at the University of Edinburgh. I am a contributor to BBC The Social and I blog at I think that the best thing you can do as a woman is to surround yourself with other women. Together we can change the world and so I’m excited to be part of this movement of amazing women. As a black, Scottish woman it is pretty obvious that I am a structurally oppressed minority but I also come from a position of privilege in terms of my upbringing and education. So I am really interested in connecting with other women who have similar identities to myself and showing that our voices are valid and will be heard. My mum would always say to me, “hold you head up and walk tall”. So, that’s what I would say to other young women and girls and you deserve to be seen AND heard!


Twitter: @tomiwa_