Patrycja Kupiec

Position: Director

Experience: I have followed and admired the work of The Young Women’s Movement for a long time, so when the opportunity to join the Dream Team of volunteers arose in May 2017, I didn’t think twice! I started as a volunteer 30 under 30 editor in June, and I was given the most amazing opportunity to meet and interview 30 kickass girls and young women – the best girl gang ever! My background is in archaeology, and more specifically ‘I am the Doctor’… of Viking Archaeology. I moved to Scotland from Poland about ten years ago, and I’ve studied in Aberdeen and Cambridge, with my research focused mainly on Scotland and Iceland, where I excavated quite extensively. I feel like my heart is split equally between these three countries. I’ve worked as a researcher, lecturer, lab assistant, and events officer, and throughout my studies I’ve always volunteered with museums, science centres and festivals, and public engagement units, working to promote archaeology and STEM subjects in general. As a young Polish woman living in Scotland with the shadow of Brexit looming over us, I am hoping that I will be able to share stories about how we continue to come together as strong, empowered, and connected women of all backgrounds and nationalities. Don’t let others define you, follow your path, change it as often as you feel you need to, collaborate and share!


Twitter: @pmkupiec