Jemma Tracey

Position: digital media officer

Experience: After graduating with a BA in Social Sciences in 2011, I left Scotland to spend eighteen months working in New Delhi for a family planning association. The open and sex-positive work atmosphere was part of shaping my decision to return to academia, where I attained an MSc in Sociology with a specific focus on Gender and Sexuality. I started with the Young Women’s Movement in 2015 as an intern, assisting with events and social media. I wanted to use my degree and past experience in communications roles, so it’s a perfect match – and very exciting for me to work in such a digital environment! My role covers all things digital, from contributing to the daily management of our social media and website, to adding content to our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) eQuality. There is so much amazing work going on in Scotland right now that, prior to working here, I was completely unaware of. For me this role is all about reaching out to young women in Scotland, and offering a platform for their voices.


Twitter: @shesinfashion