Sara Spencer

Position: trustee

Experience: I work for a child poverty charity, managing a project which focuses on reducing financial barriers to participation and learning at school for children from low income households. Before this, I’ve worked for a range of other children’s and equalities organisations, mainly in research, policy and evaluation roles. I joined the Young Women’s Movement because I wanted to contribute to an organization with young women and feminism at its centre. Feminism was a bit of an ‘ahhhh!’ moment for me when I was a bit younger and I would have loved to have something like this around when I was trying to work things out and find my own voice. Being part of a feminist organization which supports young women to speak out and lead and challenge the inequalities they face is amazing. I have 2 young children which takes up pretty much all my time! Apart from that, friends, books, and music feature pretty heavily. My message to young women would be that that there are SO MANY other young women out there who think and feel like you. They have your back, it’s just about finding them and standing strong with them – the Young Women’s Movement is a good place to start doing that!


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