Rachel Thomson

Position: trustee

Experience: My name is Rachel Thomson, I’m 27 years old and I am currently a Campaigns and Policy Assistant the Poverty Alliance. I studied Politics at the University of Glasgow and previously worked as a Housing Adviser at Shelter Scotland and as a Funding Officer at the Big Lottery Fund. I’ve also previously volunteered at the Scottish Refugee Council and Rape Crisis Scotland so I have quite a varied third sector background. I joined the board of the Young Women’s Movement in 2015 because I think young women have an important role to play in Scotland and deserve to have their voices heard. I believe that the Young Women’s Movement is crucial to this and as a young woman myself I wanted to be part of the strategic development of it. I love reading, watching reality tv shows like the Kardashians and spending time with my cat! I also really enjoy travelling and cooking new recipes. I find so many women inspiring! To name a few: my mum, my amazing strong and hilarious friends, Angela Davis, my old colleagues at Rape Crisis Scotland, Beyoncé, trade unionist women, Rosa Luxumberg, members of the Gulabi Gang, @pastachips!

Email: hello@ywcascotland.org

Social Media: @youngwomenscot