Kate Mark

Position: trustee

Experience: I have worked in the NHS as a doctor for 10 years, and have recently moved into Public Health, after specialising in palliative care. I moved into Public Health as I became increasingly aware of the importance of how our society influences everyone’s health, and I am excited about the potential to address inequalities in all sectors of life such as health, education and employment through developing fairer policies and practices. I first heard of The Young Women’s Movement from a colleague at work who I admire a lot. She encouraged me to have a look and I loved the variety in the blog posts and social media that made me laugh and cheer. When I read the insightful report into issues affecting young women in Scotland, I knew I wanted to join this amazing group of women to use my skills to help other young women. I can’t wait to learn from the inspirational young women who are part of this organisation. I’m lucky that I really enjoy my work and it really fulfills me. To relax, I love being outside and Edinburgh is perfect for getting out. I usually spend my weekends at the beach or a walk in the hills. I also run very slowly round Arthur’s seat and can’t wait to get back to that once my first baby arrives this winter. Young women and girls are not just the future of Scotland, they are the here and now! I can’t wait to work with an organisation that is dedicated to harnessing the extraordinary potential that I see in young women and girls in Scotland.

Email: hello@ywcascotland.org

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