The Young Women’s Movement Advisory Panel

In order to ensure that we listen to the voices of young women in our movement in every area of our work, we’ve assembled a Young Women’s Movement Advisory Panel. Made up of six women from across Scotland, ages 15-27, the panel meets quarterly to share ideas, opinions and expertise on everything we are up to – from social media to strategy.

photoshoot of six of our eight advisory panel members

The Young Women’s Movement Advisory Panel left to right: Briana, Fiona, Alice, Nichola, Jessica, Yaz (missing Sinita)

Alice Heywood
We first met Alice when she took part in our joint safe spaces workshop with No More Page 3 in 2014. She works on young people’s health and wellbeing at The Junction and would like a third sector career so is looking to ‘learn more about non-profits.’ Alice is excited to ‘meet fellow feminists and attend feminist events’ as an advisory panel member.
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Briana Pegado
Briana is founder & director of Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, former staff member at The Young Women’s Movement and EUSA President. Briana is buzzing about the advisory panel because she gets to ‘meet like minded women’, ‘stay connected to The Young Women’s Movement and help influence change.’
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Fiona Ross
Fiona Ross is a member of and Convener of External Affairs Committee at the Scottish Youth Parliament. She joined The Young Women’s Movement online to ‘meet other like-minded young women’ and says ‘I really just want the opportunity to spend some time working and thinking about explicitly feminist issues.’

Jessica Mhoja
Jessica Mhoja is in S4 at Craigmount High School and spent her work experience at The Young Women’s Movement in November 2015. After the first advisory panel workshop she said, ‘I learned new things from listening to ideas coming from amazing people. I feel inspired.’

Sinita Potiwal
Sinita is social enterprise community café assistant manager at Sikh Sanjog & Punjabi Junction in Edinburgh. Sinita would like to ‘help influence change’ and ‘represent young girls within my Sikh and Bhatra community’ as part of her advisory panel experience.

Yaz Duncan
Journalist Yaz joined The Young Women’s Movement as a #FeministFest blogger in summer 2015. Yaz is looking forward to being ‘part of a feminist organisation in real life (not on the internet)’ and wants to ‘use journalism to push feminist issues into the forefront.’
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