30 Inspiring Women Under 30: Scotland edition

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Who doesn’t love a good 30 under 30 list!? Especially when they’re all about young women – hello, new sheroes!

She needed a hero so that's what she becameBack in March, there were loads of 30 under 30 articles focused on inspiring women for International Women’s Day, and (surprise!) we were all over them. One thing we kept noticing is how few young women from Scotland were featured, and considering that we work with phenomenal women every day, we were obviously heartbroken over this injustice.

When we spoke to women across Scotland for our Status of Young Women in Scotland report, one of the most frequent topics brought up was role models. One woman summed it perfectly: ‘We need more role models; you can’t be what you can’t see!’ But out of the role models that were mentioned, only a handful were based in Scotland.

So fueled by cake and coffee (from feminist mugs – heck yes), we set about creating our own 30 under 30, a totally unofficial but nevertheless inspiring list of 30 inspiring young women either from Scotland or living here now. And every day this month, we will post a profile of one of these incredible women, talking about their achievements and the women who inspired them.

Each day throughout June we will be posting a profile of one of these incredible women, so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (always @YoungWomenScot) so you won’t miss a thing! And now, without any more chat from us… 

Bear in mind, this isn’t the Forbes 30 Under 30; it’s a blog series, started for fun and to satisfy our own curiosity. Of course, once we started looking into all of these amazing young women, wheels started turning. Not sure where we’ll go next, but we definitely won’t be letting things end here!

Don’t forget to check our blog throughout June, when we will be posting a new profile each day!

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